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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  February 11, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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cintodyustoor befenyon ac wasu hurtatu >> ou ann: ncers newar3 sttts ar: ar>> m tie: yhankorou fn joiing us e heri.3:00\ lodeve npingonregbe in involveg nch ranrve cli bu andydostanhiff wsch i w noer ov. od gote afn.rnoo i'mie marte mor. >> ed re: 'm i reed n.cowa iv cluen bndy is iner fed al tocusacdy f cingesharg in nn coonectih withe t 20una fjeal it st ffandobu in vinker r afte tmorea han h monte th tla mo g.rnin sgent favidas whe t lastro pertest toiv ge up. ne dava rubepiclanic mllheei feor swan ohe t phoneit wtui a slcidaa cofry cinvinimng hsu to derrenmetrea lion ane tndien momyt fre sofr su derrenwared pts ca oured di auo. i >> w tkingdsowarm the gh rit now! >> syta alcm.
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>>ds han up.ven st r in [ blaudi an>> hehds byoind acur bk. .aneghrit. g >> r>>d:ee t sehoer ween momts wh haen trrt a westakas ting e.plac the fbiay ssre the's work toe b do net ahe te rgefu mngaki sure no ebodyislse h aing t a ore n esxploivesnd a a sp iaecstlim teawill dmeocunt ma daoge tie ancntia burl ou grnds. >> ie marus: jntt iro ou ws neroomoz densf ous bseiness bu rirgla azedetnd molro psaice y ey thdo're yne bhe te sam oocrks. th eley beievwo tuy gres a sp reblonsire foti hitng 75 nebusi issesasn las veg and no rth las asveg. m jetro ustreedleashe t rv suaneillce agimes. de ivtectsaes eyy thsh smaed the fr gontslas d toorso get siinde. al fl ohe tseme crise hav ha benedeeetwidn mtnigh and a4:00.m. yifou rniecogzeny a oef th
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c e rimstrsoppe. r >> eed: c theklern couty ho scisol dcttri f isgacinl a fe l deralauit. th ellegt that dis rict 'tdidn e dohnougecrot drchilroen fnm a a el f odiici ch moild erlest. rm foeaer t jas m podlee gu tiltyoee thr f o c rges nsagaihit m. i hews nooc l ked.up rn tut s ou nthatisot hir fst t iimeo bltrou annow or att aneyeslleg the ridistdo ho shauld e dono sadhe t ow ven inatstiganion ved ne so mane aloh witdrchilen. n ith nor s laves at the timumo simmele earmentr cu ac osedolf mngestial st.ents e thosgecharres wepp dronded a_s. e tholschotr disreict gnassi meanwhile wi nll cotnomment o ten euilawst. m >>:ariest juo tw ces dayr afte nthisamew hrepshisryrima veg de amocrrets aasinquarffg sc win.onsi ee>> rthd: riat'sght. hi y llartoclinran tgiliner bnie sa sndern ie som s.poll nd weyws sho usy whh tek staes co 'tuldn a benyrighe nitoght. >> or rep ter:heon tls hee of rn beie ersand ls'sliandsde ct vi ioryescoew nps ham, hirela
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sh wowdoen bntweewo t re inmangiem draocc eth se-dlfcresbeid democracti alsoci tist aookvi yctor lap wi thub plic arappea incesn ne rkw yo m andngeetiit wh activis stoch an re ndveresh al toarp t >> ieris vymp intortaat th he s ends a sligna that onhe t inmorng after ais hictor victory he would come toar hlem and have eabraskf wth itme. >>e rrtpo: erra tiil hillary clintonmo a african-american te vohers tmo verennt s iators heti tor min vity aote intout h immigrant roots to broaden hispp aeal in ngcomi*t ne ren di e versesstate likdaneva andlw a aysd.will ep>> rr:ortees d hpite er isblrite lngs os tin ghenira at sthee, tgr cononessilaal bsit pol aicaln ctio itcomm ctee those endorse cr seyetarin clton. >> e' shneartonr lg rm te. b weveelie sshe'e mad a difference.
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strae bi eincls ton't firsicpubl arappe aance tfteraywo d s ofa atprivete me wingsadith rsvisoa t aboutohow ne reee rgizinlaggin orsupptht wien wom y and ounghet t iv untyersi ofcrsiscon aumilw wkeelp hec tna agstine h tat begtlndrou s t in gtilocaonecel.tion cyouxan eew fir torksghonit rr sudioununng g coe,com eq tyualind ao whis more pr ssogreive. th xte necu cau iss inev nadaesclin n uafebr0try 2ba we ndytnc nd welly wek, folth anynoing eroi fs ra i asin las vegda toeay rgchin out ile milalnniasry ttoing t mhemga en wgeed tithvo ol paliticesprocs. r >> eed: isheas prirtnengit wh th oataniz ion ovot nlatio. newss3 ie liv athe t cnnheyee ca mpushe wreer f jraraustke spo olto clege udst.ents
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emadwo t pssto. fi atrst nc raigho hhoh scol w there ahererede stu wntsreho a 18 y earsd.ol he rec sstond top a the cgeolle ofou snther vaneda. sh se i tgryin to cnconvi sprr st tsudeny the hwilla ave ngvotier pow v andlaoto tinoea bo s.omer stbut tsuden hav sa s d rrfeara told both high school o lou c rntry nightndow aa esaysdoven noing g thin p im .pact anat rhicho tgh s i pnar pr inedomyantl hcpaniadah spoe s tabouioioecisdsi poserac f a ur futree pntside onss iues li kei immiogratnn ad un mdocudenteld chi arenound y tb op pele. an e d shioment bmadendy caesidatni runorng f t mado [ p blee c] adaandiunte r ning es prtideni care l al msicanenap r aistsrnd dug
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if thatak mes you y,angr od. >> or rep: ter s sheshays e es do en'tvene carho wh teye vot r folo as asng y the trytoe mak athiset bter trcouny. wnow meete som ofse tho ud st wentsreho ang goio te vot r fo thest fire timmfroan rcho gh hi olscho. 'l weel mheet ttm a 007:. ve li at theol cgele ofou snther danevahe ceyenn mpcaus, sraand go eznzale, nws 3. ee>> r nd: oo dubtan sdra ex ngciti forov mieta sr to come toch ran ohigh. >> ie maru: j st andremi er, ne 'svadaoc demc raticucauss i e th entwhtiet. e thub repnlica csaucu is the .23rd aforhell tes latti polltica da up htes oeadver tos3 newcolv.m d an clickn othe ptiolics tab. >> d: ree th souern naevad a ow gringer vetanspu poonlatind a ince rent yearshe tavre hen bee a um nofber ivemprosmentn i lifaci atiesabvailole ts thoe me ndn aen wom who have sderve ou r trcouny. to wdayheas tpe o oninghef t t firserfishse hou t inhe entire st ate of vaneda.
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awaym frot^e homtus ail famn mb mewhers nto wabe to r nea d love uones mnderaledice caru v.the osa. hl pitassacro the t st .reetrcup th mie faemly m wbersstill sto th hoeir fomes eer fr h for nglot iketaths r eiveloond alhero fa m mbco iaturnj y, illness or disease.u >> ar m: ieak tg inlia lvek oo ba s lly'tehoanl cad no wsirehe nitot gh tis fhealinig n ohts ` th nge loruest g nninewrevi stthe e we'rintalkoug abbit julee. ffor oalicis te yistifnng oit capilol h spthe oreade f th vzika.irusraas ywhateeou n kd totonow te pros ur yolt heacat thae cam o e y'toda.heing. >> oe chle: w s'rengeei ph meenoheeatron conditis
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lymostn sunyes ski in lasgveas.(v so)p hol alkema ms,elodans dcorslon iuryoei nboghoorh..d. alwil wthryorre-fowe rsnep.hi he tadyoo nurgheirhbodooen rpteseriar cal s aes lnd tethe lepeop b whooruy mhie ve clesanthon anye...
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r >> aeed:ma wobn ubtm ham -- a unhappy whitespautaircad gealle tdly trieshoo serot h.]re rb bat er a dangoiear brbe sh .op wothe man lnoeft ppt hay a bout hwhatapad hdpene oner h adhe. anr houat leret rdurne tohe t ba srberhoped armh wit aun g to mp co alain tboutcuhe t. eswitnsases hey sr tiedo t shoot bosomedy with aun gt buhe t tnhe gu nid dfin't t andshat' wi setneshs t rew ther peg gr aoundelnd hr d hel unti thgot ere. >> ie maroz: da pr niso arbeio rnt i nrnastero e me oxic toy.dae at ea l 6stop0 peerle wile kled in is th-d pre awn me soe prisoners even escaped.u re tilas ve pofsorirsne un gs shothein tn ea yrlou h trsnheou yaw she tse am flhies w .agoc ai b broze butke oit w thinhe is pron.lo orauths itiethsay tue sin atioo behas roen b uught cnderolontrle r >> eed:camedipel exrts war.a om cuping t whae rtexpee s aryisabong aheut te eama lo erng-tfem afthcts r e wa ha td on whoseerho souved r
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r wobory a ywae.tlin the lkinet benwe b lny o ethou cchnd a thei sze oouf yr br .ain
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a nds it'll a ct augh coneam.ra amthe anericpl peon'e cat rdaffowa to orit fas idet tha d soun ogoodpen pa br, wutlilne r vekemat iin th e real world. the grandmothewhr hao tos ooch bseweet peninayg for medicine and paying rent cawan't it. nga siomle m d whoraespelyte ednea s isracae t n'itwa. uda stwient mth aaiount n of cdebt wan'tait. c weakan male regr pros esghri tnofow per leop f andieamils wh edo ne it.
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>> d: ree wmeelcok bac frs.iend ena s catetommiteeo hgldinia ar heoning s thed preaheof t v ka irusy.todados po fe alderlt heaslde leaarrs reed te yistifng. na altionz roro als dcu disngssiam es prtidenam oborg eme b$1.8oilliunn f rdingsteque as frat theck tel devntopme a ofla invacc we hover,on e rliepublecan rade ys sa c thedco des notd nee di adaltioney monce sinre the's a su usrplm fro theht figga ainst ol eba. t inheee mtingff oalicisid sa t heydi premact sll ouatbrenks i r pa otsef ths. u.ut bre astoa erconcabned puout rertoico. tkshe iea a rrr ss poitibilhay ttt ae somo p hein tin comntg mo- hs -weand ht cnappey veron so ouit cnappehay on melar. t bu a'r'o pweint rboay m w s tenun hdsdre of th ndousafs oka zi itinfec ionsn rtpueo cori. r >> eed: c the sdcays itou fnd
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wu.s. womenadho hca misd rrierar ts as aret tha no abw ld eleza ma>> rie: newrtrepoda toy ve resal aie varty oflt heah leprob cmsnontioue tgu plae ravetef ns o gtheulf war. er th ee'sncvidehee t vseraetens ma ey bt aresecrea rr k fosre al noso ks wn a loua iggehrra di e.seasue sc iient cstsdoot nd finug enoh i evedencw kno g ifulf war v aetstre a eaincrrised oskf ot her dseiseas suchs ace canr be ecausmaanung aid brrsance n caketaon lr ge dtoelev.op ntme ialnellesssik l edo sptera an y,xietdeonessi e bssuncta aesebuer we the most mconmoea hss iamues ong te ve.rans re>> med: ci m andwoore fi rgunde goingicenetti tesorng fg stbreace cantar mus.tion be farr ca incertnsti cedduct dystuen wommadho h lmia dedgnosth wias bre_n ca r.nce tmorec perofent those nwome hada brc tngesti ast' is th en. lat cr yearafte*n s di siagnos. t of whose0omen rc peeent ti tesedelpi
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tmadeeo bl m tetread. e tham authors add bilateral ecmast wtomyuias qomte cco o amhong those w notar cry e th brcaen ghe tatot g soh muc pr nto he winngel oolie pted afor pl com r ical ecmast.tomy a dy studs finer pncegna ies may rucede post-trmaauctitr sess di rdsos er aint risk women. serecharserou f wndenoma agdisenobed refoec binomg s ns a sy tomp imsn their first trimester which lessen aedths got closer to givingir b.thdd aew n stress or trauma had worse symptoms during an after theprncegnay. m >>: ariere the r isoneas to t geiv act elepeop. ap ntpareo elei b cng achouor po otatesmar co shuld yrinkbrour ain! a ud stfy oi 1e-iddl aged tsadulnd fou s lowcores on a tr dmealilit fssnees t wteer li ken tdlemalrar bolin vume 20rs yeate lar. se reerarchays s rededucin bra
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ri skf oe dem antiand eialzhs.mer' ee>> r hd: seavy anowtrnd s ong swindat bgtlinou snthernpola erwinte mad r ayeallpe sulctacar bacomeock t aw sloin movgut bow plerfuor stm edreek at lof oa hvoccr a tossheunrm un conec br t oughfitraf ac tond star ve seinral ochesitf whufe st*s ca wusedpridespoead ouwer re mon tha0025,0cise hous holda. n' dovet hact eletyricicom dr s iveralare dvso a tised thoff ade ro ss ordolow uswn j rtodaoug yck ba thsou nernaevadre whe a we ca g llin wthiserintop pecul it n's is 70 olotssu nenshi. st ju orgl.ious ee>> r cd: bhloesleardisey ur yot weaher thautyori. d myalad c fledromh uta andai sd it 5's 3 aodayt nd isfeelke li mm su th i t oughpoyou poor, s dn.mae ug[ la ]hter ar>> m cie: dome aownvit. c >>e:hlofi delynitee comn dow nd asi vit. in gotk baci t pato y.stor t ifhissn doeet't g you oue,tsid
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eni wot fr a runhi ts rnafte.oon ho llpefuouy ye havn beepe sgndin mo imre te oooutdrs. ju hest tok lor ove ase pewt f shourtl mosyun sny s ikiesn lasgaves. ry veh hig csloudtr sneaming i er ov the eyvall. typretni ce. er hse i a live urpicte. notoo t muchan chger ove the hpastour or .so ec ch ikingewn fgh neiooborhds. la inughl in the upper 60ghs rit no inlirtthg wiosats e ha sandra ath in d-e miat70s ed me a ndosenelem staryl.choo qu ch ngeckiat in o onee f thra po .ints es 55 re degt es at mounlechar e quitria van atioin te desegreos he sonderlsn a sst toaas te atmper.ures djustedroppn dow cruc.75u m froes.6 7. 75 is th is thenl o pylacere wheou y ar go ng t tseersumbe
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l toastht nig as .well ti slld colpain phrumpp droing heto t low .30s pe upr0s 2n mou tedlechar.ston ov40s n,ertoqu mesitend a deboultyr ci and shlearc ight er ovtnighni toght. shigh moto.rrow yb mae are degre owo the hig r in somehbneigodorhos. o lo akingt semid-ieventrs fo toovero f 74esor me.quitbr r uppela70s eake m rga go deousn ay iumpahrd p anna gr eli smmel sow sno ameltunt mo\ran ch starley on brrtomom te afn.rnoob 70mid- ts onorap f l theegas vuu ea ar g no itt quose cl ae toor rece u yodecan tefinieely ss it' amuch w lotr armearcompo ed t k urdistceban o oute f thh.nort elikai i stid, snll iil0 7 ggoinrtomfoeabl ov gerniht. an spd ealecintly iheo tt nex
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ws lo onlyro dgppin dwnont iohe t 50s. 'r wene igchin cr loseandlo cser to sngpri. rebefo k younow i gt'soig t fe l mmsuer. >> ie mar: d hol on. ol hdn. o emayb won't tpajet s to in s ther ummee quitoe0 r >> eed:.yeah hl>> ceeoe n d a.pool re>> jed: yustaiou w eoe chl c be lardsey. >> m> a sans tep_m cepolite quino hllteray.
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thavey o sar aftes ys bertand an>> da: d goornafteoon. i' anm dgna waer. re he espha wnguzziay tod s lasvega. yt peanon moning antothe t nigh "showth wimy jiml fal t kingaqle
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kblan s arehs t broncos were wi g nninthe s uper.bowl ou>> yve hao tem rember 18ea yrs o agal i chiled m thegh nit be tforerahe danft did sai the co arlts oie go ng ttdraf me mb nuer onen i ntheflra d ft to owmorr. ug[ la hter g ithe ic t tkets" seeco e!adel [ uglaeht]r d>>a:an oo lk iist a coardbard t cuouthi of esssxpreionn ithe f inalom msent ofer supow bl 50 as his brother was winninghe t tltie. ke hitrornd [ inaudible ] the sunset gngtint iho sngvi ma htcur dginim toue- lttas t.nigh th eae tm isot nin wngnier vy mu tchesh desaynd ahe t fr trusioat cninomg out onhe t benchas lt night. >> > ande w see fiirefrsghte ggoino int a bniurngou hse discovering a dog, aca sred dog hi ngdin ill a of that smoke. eyther wee abl to get the dog out fesaly. od go .news
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emad o itutaf sely and had a n icerenunioit wh their dog on th ide skewalfr in ont of their me ho. nd at' thast wha'szi buzodng tay s laasveg. we 'llen sd itk bac to you. >> ie mar d: anaha tounk y for .thata >> ci> a anviling beile hait he brobry isitpoh celift a er ip tr opinga ver whman s o wasr nn ruawing u r >> eed:suthe t spectawas ki thestarre down hetee go ethas pr-sepeelopt th weldoudr-be a dleeaher t alcasually wawked ay iesnteresto th ene sce. m >>: arieav bro. >> pkeyteeins th yeor rivelatsity ha pr boveny scisient.ts >>: creedg ominup why theyy sa ithiss such a big alde. m >>: ariey ss plueenenliti da wsgroop paruly.itr e thrisurp gsing oroupopf pele
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indat-g - re>> ted: ouhe sth knorea mi arlitisy drscoveem rs nantfrom a mleissi aedlleglyho st f rom rthei ngheirsboo the t noh.rt th vie eedenc n isow on ldispay. i t is an unlisettng thingt tha co uldrll actualty resu p al au [ ine ].dibl >> : mariecove disereeac to b k up nerlbtnsei'steine th oory tirela.vity t>> i a was wrondefulli feeong t e ses thien mom tthat i htadn' en se f0or 7 y.ears ee>> rthd: ooe gstd .uff aet veran itreunes wither h me tisweaeethrt. ze dofns o y iearshen t make. w ho he fdoun his longmaest loscu love stjusteial vneentin a >>ncnnou ner: 3ews erarrt sta ri w. st gayinh wit usy.toda th soudunorea myitarnut osn sp didelay tbrissahey ay c e or n ktheaore msiis le chlaunli earhier twes ek. >> ie marue thriee pofces br dehiis wea app tred bm fro


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